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We provide a wide range of medical writing & related services and offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Writing documents and presenting data in a clear and well-structured manner is Emtex’ core competence. Our skilled team members are flexible and proactive and take ownership of your needs from beginning to end to guarantee success.


Our medical writing and related services are grouped into 4 domains. An overview of the most common services within each domain is provided below. We can offer more services and solutions besides those listed below. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can meet the specific requirements and needs of your company.


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Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in the presentation and interpretation of data into well-structured, clear scientific documents. Emtex has contributed to several successful submission dossiers. We can support your company in the preparation of the documentation needed to speed up the development processes on the way to regulatory submission and approval. An overview of the most common regulatory medical writing services is provided here.

Contact us for other document types not listed.

We offer research & insights services for customers who want to dive deeper into specific domains of their choice or who want to get a better understanding of their data through statistics, graphics or dashboards.

Data collection can occur via our Online Panel Survey or Life Focus Groups, which allows to gather further insights and generate new ideas based on direct feedback.

Data can be analyzed and transformed into graphics or dashboards to aid in the interpretation and communication. Statistical expertise & support is available to ensure the best possible results​.

Ad-hoc Analyses

Ad-hoc or post-hoc analyses are typically performed after database lock, after one has already seen the planned analyses. These additional analyses are not part of the statistical analysis plan, and are usually driven by the observed unblinded study results. As such, they could be biased. Their value is not as strong as the planned analyses, but serve a more exploratory purpose. They can be very useful to help the study team gain a deeper understanding of the data. If used in the study report, such analyses should be clearly marked as “ad-hoc” or “post-hoc” so that the reader knows it is something that was added at a later moment. Examples of such exploratory analyses are: subgroup analyses, correlations between endpoints, additional categorizations of already available scores, or trying other statistical techniques than the ones specified in the protocol or SAP. The Emtex statistician can help you identify any analyses of interest, provide the additional analysis results, and discuss the meaning of these results.
It is actually a good idea to already discuss any additional analyses of interest when the SAP is created. The SAP Outline document discussions are the ideal moment to identify such additional analyses.

We can provide media & communications services fitted to your audience (general or professional) in the desired format such as written, audiovisual, oral or online materials and many others. An overview of the most common media & communication services:

Our professionals have developed several training sessions for medical writers. We can also offer tailored courses for medical writers adapted to your specific training needs. It can take place in our facilities, your company, other location, or even online. Our trainers are professionals with sufficient experience in the field.


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It has been a terrific collaboration and our thanks go to you as well for your consistently superior efforts on our behalf.  We always tell people how good your writers are…the best we’ve ever worked with!

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