06 September 2021


All our services are subject to the terms and conditions of sale described below. Each deviation must be reported in writing and explicitly accepted by Emtex BV.


Unless stated otherwise and clearly indicated, each order implies the acceptance of our terms and conditions by the customer and the negation of its own purchase and sales conditions.


Unless contractual provisions to the contrary, our invoices in Sint-Gillis-Waas are cash payable within 30 days of the invoice date, unless expressly stated otherwise in the order.


To be valid, any complaint must be lodged within 8 days of delivery at registered letter, otherwise it will be considered null and void and non-existent.


Sending the invoice counts as a notice of default for payment in good and valid form. In the event of non-payment, the balance still due will be automatically and without new payment notice of default becomes immediately due and payable and deduct an interest of 1% per month. The executor will also be entitled to an additional amount equal to 10% of to demand the balance still due, with a minimum of 400 Euros, by way of a lump sum compensation, expressly agreed between the parties.


The fact that the client was not allowed to receive our general terms and conditions of sale in his native language does not exempt him from their application.


All stipulations are interpreted in favor of Emtex BV, the executor.


The executor is understood to mean Emtex BV, the client as the customer. Any dispute that may arise between the parties can only be settled by the courts of Sint-Niklaas and Dendermonde, for both national and international transactions.


Customer testimonial:


“Emtex Life Science has been a trustworthy partner for us in terms of medical writing activities during the past years of excessive growth of our company and the resulting high work pressure. We are looking forward to continue our pleasant yet professional collaboration with Emtex Life Science.”


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