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Bringing study results out into the public often requires a re-shaping of the available information that is in the statistical TLFs and the study report. It often requires more attractive graphical representations, to be inserted into a poster or a slide deck. Here too the Emtex statistician can be of help: brainstorm about possible ways to present the data, and even generate new tables or graphs.

Bringing study results to higher management or a project team within your own company may require sets of slides. As this often happens quite soon after database lock and TLFs becoming available, the Emtex statistician’s help in providing an up front agreed set of slides with QC-ed results may save valuable time.

The same holds for any meetings with key opinion leaders or expert panels. Such meetings can provide relevant insight in the medical relevance of the study findings. The presence of a statistician can be helpful to explain the already performed analyses, as well as to identify potential additional analyses.

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“While preparing our scientific publications with Emtex, I experienced a true sense of commitment, professionalism & excellent writing quality! A great achievement was the acceptance of our publication in Pain Physician without any questions or corrections! It was the TEAM work that made the difference.”

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